Arm-based microcontrollers

Highly integrated, low-cost MCUs for industrial and automotive systems


Arm®-Cortex-based 32-bit (microcontrollers (MCUs)) offer you a scalable portfolio of high-performance and power-efficient devices to help meet your system needs. Bring capabilities such as functional safety, power efficiency, real-time control, advanced networking, analytics and security to your designs. Accelerate you development with our industry-leading evaluation tools, reference designs and development resources.


Our design resources streamline device configuration, ensuring that you spend your time on designing your application not learning new software.  Our expansive portfolio includes:

  • Pin-to-pin devices across packages and memory options, along with compatible software.
  • Analog integration options in pin-to-pin compatible devices such as dual zero drift operational amplifiers, comparators and 12-bit analog-to-digital converters.
  • Package options for an M0+ portfolio, from 8 pins to 100 pins.